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Launch Angle
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Launch Angle Technology and Aerodynamic Design
Redefine Golf Club Performance

    Make no mistake about it; Air Slot is changing the game of golf for everyone who tries it. Air Slot has golfers on all levels hitting the ball straighter, longer and with more confidence and feel than they ever dreamed possible.

In this About section, we wanted to concentrate on conveying to you how Air Slot is already helping players across the country gain more distance and accuracy through the unbelievably smooth feel and Launch Angle Technology (L.A.T.) of the Air Slot design.

Each topic covered in the About page menu to the left is complete with video testimonials from professional athletes like John Kaleo from the 2003 Arena Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Storm, Jimmie Giles 4 time NFL Pro Bowler, golf industry professionals, publishers and amateur golfers just like you who now swear by the Air Slot design.

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