Available Lofts:

Available Flexes:

Right handed only.

    The Air Slot design is the product of intense aero-dynamic research and development involving the use of a scientifically placed cut-away and gill system that allows the club head to pass through the air with far less resistance than that incurred by ordinary golf drivers.
    Because the Air Slot driver moves through the air with less resistance, the club head will not only increase in speed, it will do so with less vibration and less deviation from the intended swing path.
As airflow through the Air Slot cut-away increases, so will the stability of the club head, almost forcing a square position at impact.

Air Slot features a 360cc, forged titanium club head with your choice of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 or 11.5 degree of loft.

Air Slot is available with your choice of Stiff, Regular and Senior shaft flexes, each weighing 64 grams. Senior shaft not available in 8.5 degree loft.

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