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AirSlot - Reduces High Speed Double Twists

    AirSlot solves this twisting. There are two methods to solve the foregoing problems. One of the solutions is to manufacture an iron shaft with a diameter approximately equal to the size of a fist (about 5" diameter), which guarantees that there will be no deformation or twisting of the golf club. However, this solution is by no means wise. Another solution is to make good use of the principle of dynamics, releasing the high-pressure air at the bottom of the club head to the low-pressure air zone at the rear of the crown of the club head. Such continual intersecting motion continuously keeps the golf club at high speeds without shaking or floating in the air, and allows a fast and stable forward movement to give a perfect downswing, a launching angle with fidelity to the originally designed angle of the equipment, thus back-spin is reduced by 35% compared to the ordinary equipment, yielding a powerful proper trajectory, except that the landing distance is longer than the ordinary traditional equipment, its rolling distance is stretched longer for the reduction of back-spin, thus creating an unprecedented total hit distance.

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